Standard MFG .44 WCF Single Action Revolver 2299.00

Standard MFG single action revolver in 44WCF. This model is in the process of being released by Standard MFG. We are currently taking orders. The fit and finish on this .44-40 revolver is awesome and the action extremely smooth. The model we have pictured is a blue and case color with 4.75″ barrel. Many options are available such as faux ivory grips, 1 piece walnut grip, checkered 2 piece grips, nickle, 5.5″ barrel, 7.5″ barrel This is one of the finest hand built revolvers we have found. Each revolver is hand built to order. Made very similar to the original Colt with a slight roll on the front of the cylinder, 4 clicks when cocking, case color hammer. Revolver is also available in .38 Special and .45LC